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BVI 2008

Monoliths on display at the Baths on Virgin Gorda

The Bath's beach
After a snorkel and a swim in Leinart Bay north of St. John, contemplating our day.

Our catarman is moored, tucked away in a little cove for two days at the end of our 12 day voyage. The water darkens as I peer out towards Sir Francis Drake Channel, and strips of colored blue, blue green, brown, sand, azure waters line my view as I gaze towards the north and Soper's Hole on Tortola, a mere mile away. The day's breeze is gusty and strong, carrying Caribbean clouds westward, and numerous respites from the sun's intensity are welcomingly refreshing. The air temp makes for such a comfortable and captivating couch that clothes seem superfluous and bothersome. This small islet to my left 100 yards from our vessel is scruffy and shrubby with brown and white moss and a protruding rock leaving a mole-like / wart-like impression. The water is teeming with fish; two small sand sharks and schools of minnows keep us company, awaiting some handout. Upon tossing some swordfish dinner leftovers, the two ravenous denizens devour their dish with deadly artistry. The sounds of the breeze whistles through our rigging as the distant ferry's drone competes with the waves lapping at our trailing dinghy and the shore off "Mole Island"

The Moorings base where over 250 Cats and Monos have a berth in Road Town in Tortola

Virgin Gorda's Bitter End

December 23, 2008 Watermelon Bay & Leinart Bay, St, John, US Virgin Islands

Croatia - 2009

Maine Coastal Cruise - 2007