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Croatia - 2009

Moorings thought our boat had engine water-cooling issues.

Our planned one-week sail along the Dalmatian / Croatian coast turned out to to be anything but a one-week sail. Though we eventually motored our way to Marco Polo's hometown and a celebration in his honor, we experienced a series of unfortunate events that not only shortened our time on the boat, but also shortened our sailing opportunities.

Our arrival a day early was indeed needed as all four of us felt the jet lag effects from the 12 hours of travel from New York to Vienna and then eventually on to Dubrovnik. By the time we arrived at the Moorings base, we were informed that the charterers before us decided to return to the marina 3-4 hours late. We soon discovered our vessel really wasn't ready for our scheduled departure. And for the next 4 days we felt the impact of of those charterers' lateness and Moorings efforts to get the boat ready.

When we finally set sail a day late, it was another day before we realized that the engine hadn't actually been fixed, the water tanks had not been filled, the diesel fuel tanks had not be filled. Then an hour after we departed the dock, a stiff sirroco hit our sails almost turned off the dinghy and split our jib to shreds. After notifying the base that this had happened, Moorings sent someone to help us fix the sail. We soon discovered the sail had become so tightly wrapped around the forestay that it was impossible to lower it. This meant we had to turn around and return to the Moorings base to get a replacement jib. By 2:00 of our second day, we were finally able to leave the dock one more time.

Our hotel view from the dining area on our first evening in Dubrovnik.
Our first night view of the Croatian hills from our cat's berth.

Gene, Heather, Eileen and I having dinner on one of the many narrow side streets of Korcula.

Marco Polo's birthday celebration 

Wind surfers taking advantage of the powerful sirroco gusts

The great wall of SALT on the distant hill

Our second chance to raise out sail

Anchored off the old city fortress near Dubrovnik

BVI 2011

BVI 2008