Guest Blogger Invitation

“Not all who wander are lost.”
— JRR Tolkien
  Don't allow the human remains on my shore to lead you astray. Stay until your desires expire.

Don't allow the human remains on my shore to lead you astray. Stay until your desires expire.

Xenos =  a "stranger" or a "guest" and "host".

Xenia is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home and/or associates of the person bestowing guest-friendship. The rituals of hospitality created and expressed a reciprocal relationship between guest and host expressed in both material benefits (such as the giving of gifts to each party) as well as non-material ones (such as protection, shelter, favors, or certain normative rights).

Whether or not winds, waves, tides, oars, paddles, sails or motor have washed you onto my seductive shores, surely curiosity, pure chance or destiny may be even more responsible.  While you may view yourself as a visitor or stranger upon my internet island, you may be mistaken. You are actually no intruder, interloper or trespasser. You have actually answered our invitation and we have been expecting you sooner or later.  And now by your appearance, you become a welcomed guest.

And as a guest, you are more than welcome to stay as long as you want and sup at my seaside table of contents.  Fear not as no traps, swamps or webs lay underfoot to ensnare, enslave or transform you into swine.  No potions, spells, curses or promising inducements will lure or entice you to stay beyond your comfort. You are free to leave as easily as you have arrived.  And whether you return or not is totally your call.

But before you go, as you must, consider our website's hospitality as more than any average welcome mat.  Of course, any site worth its salt does not exist simply to step on, wipe one's shoes or brush off the sand from one's sandals.  I offer you stories as a housewarming gift and invite you to offer yours as a memorable / meaningful story worthy of your visit. You would honor us with your stories. Such a gift would benefit all while give to our future guests.  If such sea stories interest you, please explore this island site, and entertain all with a nautical narrative of your own.

NOTE: The ancient practice of extreme gift-giving to someone from another culture or country whom one might never see again, might seem counter-intuitive, but it's actually quite the opposite. By presenting a foreigner with a great gift, not only do you establish a unique bond between the two of you, you also indebt the other person to you: he or she can not repay your kindness at this time, but may eventually compensate you for it when you visit or when you are in need. On top of that, the recipient will return home with tales of your hospitality and largesse, providing a boost in stature to your family and society.  This generosity increases the honor of both, something very important to the ancient Hellenes. Gifts, in this context, functioned as a means of communication, legitimization, and mediation between benefactors and cities.

Guest blogging is just such an invitation and gift.  This page invites you to share your tales.  Please view it as more than a mere beach head or a sandy shore; it can be seen as a landing site as well as a launching pad for your sea stories.

This salted invite is a sea-duction of sorts as sharing your nautical stories will provide you with benefits:

  • free story publication on this Guest Blogger page
  • an article page on my blog
  • exposure to a wider audience
  • a web page with your own URL address
  • a cover page directed to your blog
  • linkage to your website, blog, profile or your social media
  • comments, feedback and/or suggestions
  • unlimited submissions 
  • monthly visitation analytics and traffic
  • possibility of becoming a contributing writer

If you have even the slightest appetite to come ashore and share your experiences, here are some suggested topics:

  • Unusual, ironic or humorous experiences
  • A simple sailing experience but with an unusual twist or turn
  • Discoveries, epiphanies, observations of nature / human nature at sea
  • Nautical oddities / idiosyncrasies / paradoxes of a boat
  • Lessons learned while sailing

Minimal Guidelines:

  • Must somehow be related to sailing or the sea.
  • Should be either anecdotal, personal accounts or original observations or insights
  • No length requirement, though suggest 250-word minimum
  • No obligation or minimum submissions.
  • All submissions are subject to tasteful topics and language.

How to submit a story, a tale or anecdote:

  • Send your story to
  • Place SEA STORY in the subject line and add your name 
  • Introduce yourself by including a brief biography or link to a profile.
  • Please attach any photos to the email you included in your tale. 
  • Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email me.

__________________________ Example ____________________________

A Calming Sea of Orcas

orcas calm sea

The year was 2009. The place was Hurricane Bay, Alaska. We set sail from Seward, Alaska on a beautiful crisp sunny day in July. The seas were calm as we motored into the Bay of Alaska and soon found ourselves some sixty miles out with a small chop beginning to lap at the hull. Myself and two friends were there for the running of the salmon on the Kenai Peninsula but decided to fish for Halibut on this particular day. 

Suddenly, the first mate yelled “Fire, fire” and we saw the black smoke coming from the engine. The captain shut everything down, doused the fire, and there we were, dead in the water with no help anywhere nearby. The captain assured us that the Coast Guard would be there soon. Not a lot of reassurance as the seas began to swell to five feet and growing. 

Then it happened. The seas quieted, the wind ceased and out of a storybook, a pod of Orca appeared out of nowhere. They swam around our boat three times, dove underneath where we could have touched their dorsal fins, and resurfaced about ten feet from the port side. These magnificent animals were telling us that all was OK. After we exchanged glances, they left, never to be seen again. It was a magical moment and it  became very clear to me that all living creatures are connected in many ways that science cannot explain. My travels into the wilderness areas of our country have borne this out many many times. I know that they were looking after us and when they saw we were OK, they went on their way. We also went on our way as we were towed back to Seward ( nine hours) and enjoyed spinning the tale of the Orcas coming to our rescue. 

Orcas calm

Mike J. - Guest Blogger