Feeling the Breeze : If your dog stuck his head out a car window while the auto traveled 20 miles an hour, what wind speed would Fido feel on his jaw?

Sea Free

Today is July 4th.  A day to celebrate Independence Day celebration in America. Yet freedoms, as they always seem to be, are under attack in the US in 2018. Are we only a democratic society which espouses freedoms, then at the same time also denies’ them? Are we content living in a land full of no’s, can't, and don'ts.  There are plenty of do’s and dues and don’t’s. against.   How can societies rid themselves of no’s, not’s and nevers? What if the world only posted signs with Yeses? What if all human signs disappeared?

How Far Will I Go?

My name is Paola and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

Growing up, my parents instilled in me a deep appreciation for water. Whether it was my mom's Olympic swimmer genes that got passed down, or my dad's love for diving and sailing, being in the water is my drug.

Combined with a love for capturing moments through photos and film, it is my passion to show the world the beauty of the ocean, and inspire people to preserve and protect it.

False Witness

As soon as I pulled myself up on deck, I looked back from where I paddled and saw the flames. Oh, my god! In disbelief I saw Marine Stadium aflame. At first aghast, I watched the awe spread before me. And mere moments earlier I had paddled my yellow kayak from near the stadium back to my boat. Because I had been facing east, I had been unaware of the overhead firestorm behind me. How could I not know the shore was aflame when I had just parked my car near the shore?

Women Take a Bow

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic.

When Rose reaches Titanic's bow and Jack steadies her, she imagines herself flying to the top of the world. Maybe that freedom-feeling is one of the reasons boat bows attract beauty. Rose certainly finds her wings and freedom in this tragic tale. Bows are often magical places on a vessel. 

Slippery Acts

When Lynne and I flew back to PA, we left Mystique anchored. When I returned 10 days later. Mystique was docked at a local marina about a half mile up away near the mouth of the Manatee Pocket, a tributary to the St. Lucie River. But when I returned to the boat, the scene was not one I could trust.